Use The Muscles To Defeat Your Problem Areas!

Are you still dreaming that you can better locate your path to fitness? They gave me the idea of ​​the best player in Cellucor Jen Jewell. Change your focus and see a profit!

When women say they want to “lose fat,” this comprehensive statement often does not reflect the accuracy of their goals. Many of us know exactly where we want to lose: annoying hips, abs and chicken wings.

Flash news! Spot reduction, or the idea that you can direct fat loss to an area, is widely accepted as a myth. But that does not mean that you can not do anything to help the areas that face your problem. Jen Jewell and the Cellucor trainer have a better idea: by strategically adding muscles, you can reshape your body and get closer to the perfect physical state. According to Joel, the first step to get there is to stop looking at the criteria to judge his progress.

“It can be difficult for women and men to go beyond size,” says Joel. “To be truly healthy, we must simply stop allowing the standard to govern our lives.” It is not always necessary to lose weight to look better. “

In fact, as you say, you may be better off gaining weight. Here is why.

Pounds of muscle against pounds of fat

The idea of ​​gaining weight may seem stupid. But we talk about weight gain, not weight gain, there is a big difference. Muscle is denser than body fat, so 5 pounds of muscle occupy an area well below 5 pounds of body fat. These new muscles can make you look much better than if, through some miracle, you have been able to “determine the reduction”.

“Training to add muscles can change the shape of your body and how it adapts to your clothes,” says Joel. “Most people who gain muscle say that their clothes tend to be better, body weight may increase, but they lose enough fat that they can comfortably fit smaller sizes.”

Suggest that when you pass mentally from loss to gain, all sorts of great things can happen. “Getting rid of a mentality needs to be lost,” he says. “Not only can you get rid of these problem areas, but you can also increase your strength, confidence and confidence.”

But if you stop using the meter to measure your progress, how will you know if you are going somewhere?

“Concentrate on whether you have more energy than you have every day, and if you are getting more actors today than last week,” says Joel. “Does strength training make you feel more secure? Are you reducing your stress level? How do you adjust your clothes these days? All these are indicators of progress that are much better than the amount of pounds you weigh.”

Now is not the time of the diet.

So that you do not feel tempted to jump to the latest fad diets to accelerate your progress, Joel says that the key to getting rid of them is not eating an extreme diet, but watching your diet. They eat foods from complete sources, limit as much as possible the processed foods and increase their intake of non-fat proteins, heart-healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.

“When I try to be a bit more fragile, I concentrate a lot on what I eat, but that does not mean skipping carbohydrates and fats.”

Instead of focusing on his lack of ability to eat, Joel tries to make sure he eats enough for his exercise, so he can create new muscles and burn more fat.

“Your body’s performance is simply better when it is fed properly,” she says. “The simple fact is that you need good nutrition to support muscle growth.”

Carve your problem areas

There may be nothing like a reduction in spots. But with the right training methods, says Joel, you can make real progress in these high priority locations.

Love handles / core

Joel says: to solve it, get rid of that basic greed. Instead, try this brief routine to work your basic muscles from different angles.

Triceps / armpit template

Also known as “chicken wings”, excess fat around the triceps causes a shake under the armpit. By adding muscle here, says Joel, you can reduce tremors while feeling tense and feeling strong. But you have to hit the triple head from a variety of angles to be able to strengthen the heads of three heads.

Move from one exercise to another without stopping until the first group of actors complete the four exercises. Then rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat for two other groups.

The thighs

“My thigh is the first place where the excess fat in the body goes, and the absolute final resting place,” says Joel. “I’ve always been frustrated by that, but now I’ve decided to accept it and concentrate on making the lower part of my body as strong and muscular as possible.”

But there is more to improving the strength of the lower body than doing the usual quad exercises. “You also have to pay close attention to the hamstrings,” she says. Joel’s favorite Joel lineup.

Earn profit perspective!

The next time you feel frustrated by a part of your body, change your focus. Instead of thinking about losing weight in that area, think about gaining muscle there. You can look better, feel stronger and have more confidence!

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